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Jackie Brown Jr @ Spring Street Social

Jackie Brown Jr are a vibrant 5-piece known for their unique brand of music, dubbed affectionately as ‘Pulp Fiction Soul Pop’. Founded in 2014 , Jackie Brown Jr combines the upbeat, soul infused elements of a vast plethora of musical genres.

"From the incredible saxophone work, to the heavy upbeat drums, and that illusory guitar solo, this is the sort of track the Blues Brothers themselves would be proud of." - Casual Band Blogger on Secret Agent Man

"Groovy.. fun.. energetic" - AdamNotEve on Don't Trust Apes

"It's a bonafide banger" - Tone Deaf on IDK

"Rowdy, rebellious and groovy, IDK is just as iconic notable badasses Lou Reed, James Dean, and Joan Jett it pays homage to" - Friends + Lovers on IDK

Drink Responsibly, and with the finest of taste. 
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