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Extension Chord

Moonshine and Hillbillies
Always a loose one! 
$10 Cocktail Happy Hour + $10 Burgers from 5pm - 8pm
Live band 10:30 - 1:30am
Free Entry
DJs til late

Simon 'Spit Roast' Hill: Formerly a stockman, Simo is rarely seen without his whip, especially in the bedroom. He co-founded the cult-religion Kellism, which follows the proficies of Ned Kelly. This ultimately led him to leave his multi platinum Christian country band “Swing that Gospel Axe” and join the hillbilly-boil shoegaze outfit “Extension Chord”

'Slack Shot' Jimmy Alcorn: A self confessed animal lover, Slack Shot Jimmy loves a home cooked dingbat wallaby stew. Jimmy became the bass player of ‘Extension Chord’ after a short lived career as a butcher. The local food critic for the Bega Daily described Jimmy’s sausages as “road kill stuffed in a condom”. The health inspectors actually found that this statement wasn’t far from the truth. Jimmy’s butcher shop was closed in 2005 due to bad publicity and the decline in road kill. Lachie 'Silky Sausage' Godfrey: Silky made his name in the country football league. He is banned from playing football for 65 years for getting in over 200 fights in a game against Bendigo Glow Worms. It was during this game that he met Slack Shot Jimmy. Jimmy liked the power and rhythm Silky was pounding his head into the dirt and pondered whether he could incorporate this onto the pig skins. Silky Sausage plays the drums as if he is caressing a beautiful cousin or giving a Thai massage to a hobo.

Pete 'Pistol' Hudson: Pistols voice has been described as a bull horn that has soaked in moonshine and beaten with a cricket bat. He once sang harmonies for the local Mildura Church group “Fiddlin’ Wally and the Convicts”. He has also written and published many books. Some include “How to avoid big ships…move to Mildura” and “The easy step guide to bomb proofing your horse”. After the release of these books, Pistol was found guilty of plagiarism. He was fined $25 and listed for bankruptcy. He is currently working on an autobiography.

Pat 'Waffle House' Taylor: Pat spent much of his adolescence as a professional trapeze artist, but was forced to quit as his father feared gymnasia facilitated subversive erotic attachments between competitors. It was during this time he took up the fiddle for personal therapy and began compiling country remixes of his favourite Ricky Martin tracks.

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