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Pulp Fiction By Night

hat night you have always wanted to dress up as your favourite character from Pulp Fiction blasting everyone with your favourite quotes.

Pick your Character and be them for a night

• Best of Tarentino playlist
• LIVE BAND Playing the Pulp Fiction Hits LIVE
10:30pm - 1:30pm
• DJ - 1:30 - 3AM

KITCHEN Open all night
• Royal with Cheese and Le Big Mac Sauce
served with Fries and Mayonnaise
• $10 before 8PM!

COCKTAILS - $10 5-8pm
• Winston Wolf
• Zed's Dead
• Bad Mother F$cker
• I love you Hunny Bunny
• The Foot Massage
• The Path of the Righteous Man
• Pretty fucking good millshake

Dress up required for VIP entry

Adults Only

Later Event: August 25
Majun Bu
Drink Responsibly, and with the finest of taste. 
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